#WWETransformed: 10 Superstar makeovers

Let's face it: Regular grapplin' trunks can be kinda, well ... boring.

A big part of what attracts many of us to sports-entertainment is the spectacle of it all. It's why we wait with bated breath to see the new, grandiose WrestleMania set and buzz for weeks about how The Undertaker will make his eye-popping arrival, complete with an outfit that could only be pulled straight out of Death Valley.

With this in mind, we began to wonder what it would look like if Superstars' ensembles were re-imagined to match their larger-than-life characters. What if The Celtic Warrior was much more than Sheamus' nickname? What if Dolph Ziggler dressed up as the girlfriend-stealing playboy he brags to be? What if John Cena didn't just wear jorts?

Inspired by some of our favorite movies, video games and comics, we present to you "WWE Transformed," where we gave nine Superstars (and two twin Divas) illustrated ring gear makeovers that explored these very fantasies. Click through our creations, then tell us which Superstar transformation is your favorite on Twitter with #WWETransformed!

View detailed photos | All illustrations by Paul Ainsworth: See more of Paul's work here