Divas react to 5-year anniversary of the Divas Championship

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July 19, 2013

WWE has a big birthday this week, and we don’t just mean Heath Slater: The Divas Championship is officially five years old.

Conceived half a decade ago as a SmackDown alternate to the Women’s Championship on Raw, the butterfly title has come to symbolize a unique facet of WWE in that it represents an entire division instead of one part of the roster. Its dazzling butterfly plating seems as ingrained in WWE’s history as the WWE Championship spinner was, and even in its brief existence, the Divas Title has already amassed an impressive legacy.

Photos: Hall of Divas Champions

Alicia Fox summed up the general feeling of the anniversary when she said “that went fast” to WWE.com this week, but the Divas division’s feelings on the title run much deeper than that as a whole. To every woman who has held it, the title represents a different side of the Divas’ uniqueness, and depending on how long a Diva’s tenure in WWE has been, the championship can hold a very different meaning.

“For me, it was obviously an honor and a privilege to be the Divas Champion, because you represent the body of the women we have right now on the roster,” said Kaitlyn, who carried the title for five months before losing it to AJ Lee at WWE Payback. “For me, [winning the title] was kind of a full-circle moment because I debuted on TV with maybe four weeks of experience. I had my first match on live TV and I grew as an entertainer and a person in front of the WWE Universe over three years.”She added, “I felt like I earned it and lived up to what it meant.”

Watch: Kaitlyn claims the Divas Championship

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