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Survive with The Hives' new single

A band very familiar to WWE fans is contributing the anthem for the 21st annual Survivor Series.
"Tick Tick Boom" by the Swedish rock group The Hives is this year's official Survivor Series theme music. The single comes from their upcoming album The Black & White Album, which debuts in U.S. stores Nov. 13.
The Hives are no strangers to our fans. Their music was the official theme for the WWE Raw Diva Search in 2005, and they also recently starred alongside the Divas in Timbaland's "Throw it on Me" music video.
And The Hives are no strangers to WWE action either. Guitarist Nicholaus Arson told WWE that several members of the five-man band followed WWE action when they were kids.
"When we were younger, we would always go to my friends' homes who had cable and we would sleep over and watch events," Arson said.
Arson said that the new album is a departure from their previous work, Tyrannosaurus Hives (2004) and Veni Vidi Vicious (2000). The band worked with hip-hop producer Pharrell Williams on its new release. It was the first time the band ever hired an album producer.
And the Survivor Series theme was one of the toughest to complete, Arson explained, because it had such potential.
"When you know you have a diamond in the rough, you're supposed to do the finishing touches," Arson said. "It's like you know you've got something good, and you need to make it as good as it can be. I think [the song] came together well."
With The Black & White Album arriving in stores next week, Arson said that fans of The Hives will be pleased with the band's offering -- its first since 2004.
"If you're going to buy one record in the next 10 years, this is the one," Arson proclaimed. "It's a great record. It's totally wresting music."

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