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Booker T & Stevie Ray: Bringing the 'Heat'

From the streets of Harlem, N.Y., came a powerful pair of brothers who terrorized WCW's tag-team ranks throughout much of the 1990s.
Harlem Heat -- WWE.com's No. 7 Greatest Tag Team -- is arguably one of WCW's most dominant, most cohesive pairings in history.  Booker T & Stevie Ray held the WCW World Tag Team Championship a record 10 times -- the most reigns as a tandem in WCW history
Introduced by towering fireballs, clad in flame-adorned tights and wearing their trademark nose-strips, the brothers complemented each other in style and strength. Booker T's agility and aerial ability was perfectly blended with the brute powerhouse strength of his fraternal tag partner, Stevie Ray.
During their championship tenure, the duo had classic run-ins with the Steiner Brothers, Public Enemy, the Outsiders and the Faces of Fear.. No matter the size or strength of their challengers, the fiery partners always brought "the heat" to their competition.
Despite hitting bumpy roads with managers "Sister" Sherri Martel and Jacqueline, and later, Stevie Ray's alignment with the New World Order, the brothers will always be known for their take-no-prisoners approach to ring warfare, and the championship legacy they left behind.  

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