Daniel Bryan and other champions the McMahons never wanted

In recent weeks, the bearded mug of Daniel Bryan has become the face of dissidence, defiance and nonconformity in WWE. The red-hot WWE fan favorite has captured the hearts and minds of the WWE Universe — along with many of his fellow Superstars’, as well — in his ongoing quest to regain the WWE Championship.

Bryan, however, does not have the support of WWE’s most powerful and dangerous players: The McMahon family. WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H and Executive Vice President of Creative Stephanie McMahon have seemingly done anything and everything in their power to put roadblocks in the bearded wonder’s path, paving the way for their chosen “face of WWE,” Randy Orton.

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This is not the first time the McMahons presented opposition to an aspiring champion, and Bryan is not the first antiestablishment rebel to find himself crossways with sports-entertainment’s first family. With the illustrious WWE Title held in abeyance by Triple H, WWE.com takes a look at other open hostilities, bitter rivalries and contentious battles between Superstars and the McMahons — in the ring and out.