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WWE Bring it Back!: WWE Wrestling Buddies

WWE Bring it Back!: WWE Wrestling Buddies

Disappointed by the hand-knit sweater you unwrapped Christmas morning? Candy canes not quite packing that festive punch? Perhaps it’s time to ring in the New Year properly, and ask for the return of one of the greatest squared circle toys of all time: WWE Wrestling Buddies!

Amidst the explosive mayhem of the ‘80s and early ‘90s, WWE Wrestling Buddies allowed WWE Universe members of all ages to lay the smackdown and find comfort, all at the same time. These cuddly bone-crushers gave new meaning to the term “pillow fight" – with likenesses of such classic Superstars as The Ultimate Warrior, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, The Million Dollar Man, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Big Boss Man, The Road Warriors and Hulk Hogan.

Never soft in the middle, WWE Wrestling Buddies could insight riotous behavior in any home arena. This was evident by their wacky commercials, in which their seemingly simple showdowns, started by kids, would quickly pull in dad or even a local law enofrcement officer into the bedlam.

Part pillow, part canvas competitor, WWE Wrestling Buddies transcended the WWE Universe into mainstream popularity culture. In fact, in 2011, "Time" magazine’s Time.com included them in its list of “All-Time 100 Greatest Toys” – a ranking of the top toys from 1920 – 2010.

Imagine the impact of welcoming the next generation of pint-sized grapplers that might include The Second City “Snuggler” CM Punk, "Almohada" Del Rio or the The World’s Strongest “Pillow-Man” Mark Henry into your personal toy chest.

Forget Baby New Year or Father Time. Ignite a true New Year's revolution and demand to throw down with WWE Wrestling Buddies!

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