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5 things you can't miss in the July 2014 issue of WWE Magazine

Patriotism is running wild this July! Get your hands on the All-American issue of WWE Magazine — available in  print and for  tablet and mobile download. Plus, score a pair of free, wall-worthy posters to show everyone your loyalty to Sheamus and to forever commemorate The Shield. 

See what else is inside the July 2014 issue of WWE Magazine!

"My Ultimate All-Time Tag Team Partner"

The dancing Superstar explains who would be his ultimate, all-time, dream tag team partner.

It’s time for a WWE fantasy draft. Some of the most entertaining Superstars, from  Cesaro to Fandango, in WWE today reveal their dream tag team partners. While the Superstars thought it over, we created our best guess at what these all-time tandems would look like. 


Every state can lay claim to at least one Superstar. Check out this sneak preview of "WWEMerica" from July 2014's WWE Magazine.

You know that  John Cena is from Massachusetts and Randy Orton is from Missouri, but every state can lay claim to a Superstar. In the All-American Issue of WWE Magazine, get an illustrated look at the 50 Superstars from the 50 states! 

"Are you a master of the WWE Universe?"

Are you the ultimate WWE fan? See how you rank against the rest of the WWE Universe with this 101-item “WWE Bucket List” (and collection of WWE no-nos that includes screwing up the count on a Cesaro Swing) and calculate your score. 

"The Hidden Clauses of MITB"

With anticipation building for Money in the Bank 2014, WWE Magazine has acquired the elusive contract — don’t ask questions — to find out its secret clauses. Plus, check out these money statistics about the glorious contract. 

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