10 things you didn’t know about Brock Lesnar

After defeating Triple H at SummerSlam, former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar left WWE because, like Alexander the Great long before him, his victory in the midst of “The Perfect Storm” left him with no more worlds to conquer.

More than a decade after this nigh-unstoppable behemoth cemented his status as “The Next Big Thing,” questions continue to swirl throughout the WWE Universe regarding Lesnar’s path to WWE, his controversial departure from the organization and his jaw-dropping return in 2012. What prompts a child to grow into one of the most feared athletes on the planet? How did Lesnar hone the skills necessary to become the youngest WWE Champion in history in 2002? What continues to drive this juggernaut now that he has re-entered the sports-entertainment realm after departing WWE last summer?

Think you know everything about Brock Lesnar? Delve into this mysterious monster’s past as WWE.com unveils 10 little-known facts about one of the most indomitable forces ever to step inside the squared circle.