10 pay-per-views that caught us by surprise

#10 In Your House 13: Final Four

Any event that contains the first four-way championship contest in WWE history, never mind the first pay-per-view match between The Rock and Triple H, must be well-known, right? Well, not exactly. Despite its historic significance, In Your House 13 isn’t always top of mind, and that might be owed to the card’s thrown-together nature. The WWE Championship Four-Corners Elimination Match was a mash-up of two rivalries — The Undertaker vs. Vader and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart — and its championship stakes were only added three days earlier, after Shawn Michaels was forced to vacate the title.

Watch In Your House 13: Final Four on WWE Network | Six-Man Tag breaks down

Thrown-together or not, the WWE Championship Match was a rip-roaring success and an all-out brawl. (The UTC Arena, where the show was held, was literally shaking with excitement after Vader’s elimination from the contest, as the footage shows.) Ring purists, meanwhile, might be drawn to the suplexing artistry of World Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & British Bulldog vs. Phil LaFon & Doug Furnas, or the high-flying antics of Al Snow and Marc Mero in the opening match.

Keep an eye out for: Jerry Lawler decrying moonsaults and planchas, the first appearance by eventual Attitude Era fixture Chyna, and Flash Funk getting “Michael Jordan-like air” in a Six-Man Tag against The Nation of Domination.