15 strange (but true) WWE facts

A quick glance at the WWE history books can yield all sorts of interesting and useful information. From championship legacies to competitive rivalries, revisiting the company’s rich tradition of ambitious efforts can entertain the WWE Universe just as much as an instant classic taking place on the latest edition of Raw or SmackDown.

However, taking only a cursory glance at title reigns and win-loss records may lead a reader to miss some subtle points and strange phenomenon that make a visit down WWE’s memory lane so fulfilling.  What about the anomalies, the once-in-a-blue-moon occurrences and unobserved trends that make the journey that Superstars and Divas pursue just as important as their results in the end?

What follows on these pages is dedicated to those chronicled outliers. Take at look at 15 strange (but true) facts in WWE history.