WWE Livewire: The most uncensored show in WWE history


Before Twitter, Instagram, Tout or even Friendster were popular social networks, WWE was experimenting with different ways to interact with the WWE Universe. WWE Livewire was the high point of the company’s foray into interactive media in the ’90s.

Every Saturday morning, Todd Pettengill, Sunny, Dok Hendrix and whatever Superstars happened to pass through WWE’s TV studios would take the airwaves for 60 minutes of unprecedented insider info. WWE fans could call in with questions, send a fax with their thoughts or install one of the millions of AOL discs they got in the mail to join a chat room to discuss WWE with like-minded fans.

Watch Livewire's most shocking moments

Livewire viewers got unprecedented access to ask anything they wanted to stars like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and even Mr. McMahon, who pulled back the curtains and talked openly about the industry like never before — making for some truly shocking moments.

What are some of these WWE Livewire shockers? Get your dial-up modem connected and find out.