2012 WWE Hall of Fame inductors

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March 26, 2012

Every year, a myriad of legendary Superstars, Hollywood celebrities and sports-entertainment icons descend upon the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony to honor the new class of inductees. From Wade Boggs' tribute to his friend Mr. Perfect in 2007 to Doink the Clown’s off-the-wall induction of George “The Animal” Steele in '95, an inductor’s presentation always sets the tone for the WWE Hall of Famer’s acceptance.

So who will induct the class of 2012? Read on to find out, and then check out WWE: Hall of Fame 2012 - The Music on iTunes.

Christian inducts Edge into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Christian to induct Edge

One of the most decorated tag teams in WWE history will be reunited at the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony when Christian arrives in Miami to honor his lifelong pal, Edge.

Forming a friendship in middle school over a shared love of WWE, the future World Tag Team Champions attended WrestleMania VI in Toronto’s SkyDome together. More than a decade later, the duo stole the show at WrestleMania X-Seven where they won the tag titles in an exhilarating TLC Match. The team captured those championships a total of seven times before moving on to amazing singles careers. (WATCH)

Over time, the two Superstars have had their share of differences, but Edge and Christian have always gone back to being best friends. And just as they stood side by side at last year’s WrestleMania, they’ll stand side by side on the stage of the American Airlines Arena . . . for the benefit of those with flash photography.

Alberto Del Rio will induct Mil Mascaras.

Alberto Del Rio to induct Mil Mascaras

For one night only, Alberto Del Rio will not be the center of attention.

On March 31, The Mexican Aristocrat will take a momentary break from praising himself in order to praise his uncle, Mil Mascaras, the legendary masked wrestler and an inductee into the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame.

An international star since the 1960s, Mascaras' popularized the exotic masks and high-flying maneuvers of Mexican lucha libre across the globe. Blazing a trail from Japan’s Tokyo Dome to New York City’s Madison Square Garden, The Man of a Thousand Masks made it possible for competitors like Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara to make an impact on a global scale. (WATCH) Who knows if Del Rio would have become the first Mexican-born WWE Champion were it not for the contributions of his uncle?

Growing up idolizing his mysterious relative, the priviliged Superstar will express that same childhood wonder when he inducts Mil Mascaras. The WWE Universe can expect to see a side of Del Rio not seen before.

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