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April 04, 2012

Beulah McGillicutty

Trisa Laughlin never thought she’d end up as a children’s book author. But, then again, she never thought she’d be the first lady of Extreme Championship Wrestling, either.

The hardcore environment of ECW seemed like the last place you’d find a beautiful woman like Laughlin, better known as Beulah McGillicutty. Among the tables, chairs, barbed wire and other assorted weaponry, Beulah’s stunning looks could stop even the most hardened competitors in their tracks. (CLASSIC PHOTOS)

So, just how did she end up in The Land of the Extreme? As she explained to WWE.com in a recent interview, it started while she was on tour as a dancer with Prince, where a chance meeting at an after-party changed her life.

“I met Ron Gant, the baseball player, who was friends with Raven,” Beulah said of the former ECW Champion. “Then Raven introduced me to Paul Heyman and the rest is history.”

From the moment she stepped foot in ECW in 1995, Beulah had the spotlight shining bright on her. The beauty became embroiled in the promotion’s biggest rivalry, between the sadistic Raven and his lifelong nemesis, Tommy Dreamer. The grimy competitor introduced her as a mutual friend from summer camp who Dreamer had shunned during their childhood.

Despite being thrust to the forefront of ECW very quickly, Beulah said she didn’t feel any pressure. “I felt lucky to be in that position. It was quite an experience,” she said.

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