Game of Thrones: The Top 10 Kings of the Ring

Starting in 1985, continuing as recently as 2010, and owner of its own pay-per-view event from 1993-2002, the King of the Ring Tournament was a grueling series that featured the very best Superstars in WWE, propelling their careers and immortalizing themselves in the sports-entertainment record books.

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Held originally as an annual event in the New England area, the tournament was later established as the June installment of WWE’s original pay-per-view lineup. After a four-year hiatus, the tournament was reborn as a bi-annual affair in 2006, but has yet to return as its own pay-per-view extravaganza.

Some Kings took their crowns to heart, even reinventing their personas to include royal affectations. Others did not interpret victory quite as literally. Almost all, however, saw their careers soar once being coronated on the proverbial – or in several cases literal – throne.

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The King of the Ring was an integral part of WWE's culture for 25 years, and the landscape of sports-entertainment might be much different if some Kings had not been crowned. WWE Classics looks back at the 10 Kings that defined greatness by winning the once-annual June tradition.

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