WWE Tag Team Championships - Animal & Heidenreich

July 25, 2005 - October 28, 2005

In a match dedicated to his late Road Warrior partner, Animal and his new teammate shocked MNM to win the WWE Tag Team Championship. Late in the match, Animal hit his signature powerslam on Joey Mercury, then hoisted the MNM member up onto his shoulders. In true Hawk fashion, Heidenreich launched himself from the top rope to hit the Doomsday Device finisher that is synonymous with the Legion of Doom. Melina screamed in horror from outside the ring and Mercury briefly stirred, but he couldn't fight his way out of the cover that followed. With the crowd chanting, "L-O-D," Animal took the microphone and declared, "Hawk, this one's for you, brother!" Just like that, The Great American Bash was off to a wild and emotional start.


This WeekIn 1997

July 6, 1997
The Hart Foundation defeats Team Austin in an epic 10-Man Tag Team Match at In Your House: Canadian Stampede in Calgary, Alberta.