WWE World Heavyweight Championship - The Rock

November 15, 1998 - January 04, 1999

Undoubtedly, The Rock has enjoyed one of the most brilliant careers in the history of sports-entertainment. He took his biggest step toward immortality when he won the Deadly Game Tournament — a 14-man tournament to crown the WWE Champion at Survivor Series.

In the finals of the tournament, The Rock defeated Mankind. It was later learned that The Rock had sided with the Shane and Mr. McMahon prior to the event. The two McMahons then ensured that their guy walked out of the pay-per-view with the WWE Championship.

This WeekIn 2002

April 21, 2002
Triple H clashes with Hulk Hogan over the Undisputed Championship at Backlash. The Hulkster is victorious to begin his final title reign in WWE.