WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Hulk Hogan

December 03, 1991 - December 04, 1991

After the controversial finish to the Hulk Hogan vs. Undertaker match at Survivor Series, a rematch was almost immediately made for Tuesday in Texas, just six days later. This match ended in just as much controversy, though, as Hogan used a handful of ashes from Undertaker's urn to blind his opponent, helping him get the pin and his title back for a fourth time. This title reign would also be a short one, though, as President Jack Tunney vacated the WWE Championship after the controversial endings to the last two Championship matches. The title was placed up for grabs at January's Royal Rumble.


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Sept. 3, 2007
Jeff Hardy shockingly defeats Umaga on Raw to begin his fourth, final and longest reign as the Intercontinental Champion.