WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Hulk Hogan

April 04, 1993 - June 13, 1993

By WrestleMania IX, Hulk Hogan had been a former four-time WWE Champion. Additionally, he had announced his retirement from sports-entertainment 12 months prior. So when fans learned that Hogan was going to compete on the card at WrestleMania IX, they were shocked. They were even more shocked to see him walk away with the WWE Championship, especially since he was not scheduled to compete for the title.

Hogan had already wrestled in a tag team match with Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake against Money Inc. Later in the evening, however, he came down to the ring to protest Yokozuna's WWE Championship victory over Bret Hart. Mr. Fuji then challenged Hogan on the spot. Never one to back down from a challenge, Hogan accepted. Fuji tried throwing salt into Hogan's eyes, but he missed, nailing his protégé instead. Hogan followed up the miscue with his patented Leg Drop for the win and his fifth WWE Championship.


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