WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Ultimate Warrior

April 01, 1990 - January 19, 1991

Ultimate Warrior was the Intercontinental Champion and it didn't look like anyone would be able to take him down. Then, at the Royal Rumble, he came face to face with Hulk Hogan. Hogan, along with a couple of other Superstars, eliminated Ultimate Warrior, but it wouldn't be the last time they would meet. They formed a tag team to take on Mr. Perfect and The Genius for an edition of Saturday Night's Main Event, but the tag team would be short lived. The two Superstars got along well enough, but the two were slated to meet at WrestleMania VI in an Intercontinental Championship vs. WWE Championship match at the SkyDome in Toronto. The crowd was divided as both Superstars were beloved by fans everywhere. After back and forth action, Ultimate Warrior was able to hit his patented Gorilla Press Slam and Splash, but Hogan was able to kick out at two. Hogan then hit his big boot, but missed the Leg Drop. Ultimate Warrior hit another Splash and finally got the pinfall as he became both the Intercontinental and WWE Champion. He would have to vacate the Intercontinental Championship, but he held onto the WWE Championship until the Royal Rumble in January 1991.

This WeekIn 1995

April 30, 1995
Hunter Hearst Helmsley makes his WWE debut on Wrestling Challenge. He later morphs into Triple H, one of the greatest Superstars of all time.