WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Bob Backlund

November 23, 1994 - November 26, 1994

Bret Hart met Bob Backlund in a Submission Match at Survivor Series. It was the Sharpshooter vs. the Crossface Chickenwing. Each Superstar had a corner man, and the match would only end once the corner man threw a white towel into the ring. In Bret Hart's corner was the British Bulldog and Backlund had Owen Hart in his corner. Bret Hart slapped on the Figure-Four Leglock and Backlund screamed at Owen Hart to throw in the towel, but he refused. Backlund eventually reversed the hold and got out of it. Bret Hart also slapped on the Sharpshooter, but Owen Hart was able to make the save for Backlund. The British Bulldog then started chasing Owen Hart around the ring, which led to him knocking himself out on the steel steps. Backlund then locked in the Crossface Chickenwing, and Bret Hart began fighting it. With the Bulldog down, Owen pleaded with his mother Helen, who was sitting at ringside, to take the towel and throw it into the ring. His father, the legendary Stu Hart, tried to hold Helen back, but she grabbed the towel and threw it into the ring, giving Backlund the title. It was Backlund's first WWE Championship in almost 11 years. It would only go on to last for three days, though.