WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Kane

June 28, 1998 - June 29, 1998

Looking for his first WWE Title, Kane challenged "Stone Cold" Steve Austin for the WWE Championship at the 1998 King of the Ring.

Before the match could even begin, Mr. McMahon promised that there would be a new WWE Champion when all was said and done. This was a First Blood match, which did not bode well for "Stone Cold," since Kane was wearing a mask. During the match, Mankind came down to the ring to try and take out Stone Cold due to past differences, but "Stone Cold" connected with a Stunner. Undertaker also made an appearance, as he tried to take out Mankind. He swung at him with a chair but hit Austin instead, busting The Texas Rattlesnake wide open. The referee saw Austin's blood and called for the bell.

Kane's reign as WWE Champion only lasted one day, as he lost the title back to "Stone Cold" the next night on Monday Night Raw.