WWE World Heavyweight Championship - The Iron Sheik

December 26, 1983 - January 23, 1984

Bob Backlund came into Madison Square Garden with an injured back, and the Iron Sheik knew it. The native of Iran locked in his patented Camel Clutch as Backlund grimaced in unbearable pain. Backlund, who had already held the WWE Championship for more than five years would not give up. But his manager Arnold Skaaland would. Skaaland threw a white towel into the ring, prompting the referee to call for the bell. He awarded the match to the Iron Sheik via submission.

This was the Iron Sheik's first-and-only reign as WWE Champion, and, while it was short, it will forever be remembered as the reign that bridged two great champions - Bob Backlund and Hulk Hogan.

This WeekIn 2008

Feb. 17, 2008
For the first time, two Elimination Chamber Matches occur in one night at No Way Out. The Undertaker and Triple H win the respective bouts.