WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Bob Backlund

February 20, 1978 - December 26, 1983

Bob Backlund utilized his supreme technical and mat wrestling skills to take down and defeat "Superstar" Billy Graham. Graham, who was traditionally a rule breaker, had the rules broken on him for a change. Backlund had Graham in a pinning predicament, but Graham got his foot on the ropes. The referee was out of position to see the champ's foot, though, and his hand hit the mat for the three count giving Backlund his first WWE Championship.

In the end, this reign as WWE Champion turned out to be far more succesful than Backlund's second reign, which lasted a mere three days in November 1994.

This WeekIn 1985

April 20, 1985
The Hart Foundation, Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart, makes their WWE debut, and goes on to win the Tag Team Championship twice.