WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Bret Hart

February 16, 1997 - February 17, 1997

Bret Hart will forever be remembered as one of WWE's most-successful champions of all time. His fourth reign as WWE Champion, however, notwithstanding. Hart's fourth reign can easily be considered his least significant, as it only lasted 24 hours.

Bret Hart, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Undertaker and Vader all met up in a Fatal 4-Way Match at an In Your House event to determine the new WWE Champion. The Championship had been vacated due to injuries to then-champion Shawn Michaels. This match was unique in that it was elimination-style, and a Superstar could be eliminated by being thrown out over the top rope. Hart was able to eliminate "Stone Cold," while Undertaker tossed Vader, leaving the "Excellence of Execution" face to face with The Deadman. But Austin stormed back to the ring causing chaos. Hart chased after him and then Undertaker chased after both of them. In the end, Hart was able to catch Undertaker off guard and dump him for the win and his fourth WWE Championship.