WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Alberto Del Rio

August 14, 2011 - September 18, 2011

After WWE Chief Operating Officer and special guest referee Triple H made a contentious call that gave CM Punk the Undisputed WWE Champion over John Cena, The Game’s Kliq cohort Kevin Nash emerged from the crowd and leveled The Straight Edge Superstar with a Jackknife Powerbomb. Then, Alberto Del Rio charged the ring to cash in his Money in the Bank contract on a battle-weary Second City Savior and attain the Undisputed WWE Title — his first championship in WWE.


This WeekIn 2000

Sept. 4, 2000
Kevin Nash retains the WCW Championship in WarGames 2000 on Nitro when Nash, Jeff Jarrett, The Steiner Brothers and Vince Russo defeat Sting, Goldberg, Booker T and Kronik.