World Tag Team Championships - Kane & Undertaker

April 19, 2001 - April 29, 2001

In the beginning of an edition of SmackDown!, Kane was brutally assaulted by Stone Cold and Triple H during a Hardcore Match against Rhyno. Edge and Christian were fighting with Undertaker in the crowd, so there was no one to save Kane. Not only did the attack lead to a Hardcore win for Rhyno but it left Kane's arm injured. The Brothers of Destruction were so irate, though, that they demanded a match against Edge & Christian and another against Stone Cold and Triple H. After Kane threatened Commissioner Regal with fire, Regal granted a no-disqualification World Tag Team Championship match against Edge & Christian, and if the Brothers of Destruction won, they could face Stone Cold & Triple H. Rhyno accompanied Edge & Christian to the ring and lured Kane up the ramp during the match. Stone Cold and Triple H attacked Kane once again, leaving Undertaker to fend off Edge & Christian. Undertaker somehow managed to knock out Edge and deliver a Last Ride to Christian for the win, though, giving the Brothers of Destruction the World Tag Team Championship and a shot against Stone Cold and Triple H at Backlash.


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Sept. 3, 2001
Christian betrays his longtime best friend and tag team partner Edge by bashing him with a steel chair and the King of the Ring trophy.