World Tag Team Championships - The Dudleys

March 19, 2001 - April 01, 2001

In a crazy night for the World Tag Team Championship, the Dudleys became the third and final team to wear the gold at RAW from the Pepsi Arena in Albany, NY. After Edge & Christian connived their way into a title match against the Hardy Boyz, which originally was the Dudleys' shot, Bubba Ray and D-Von arrived at the arena irate. After describing the situation to commissioner William Regal, they were awarded a shot against the new champs, Edge & Christian. Thanks to some interference by Spike Dudley, the Dudleys walked out of the Pepsi Arena as three-time World Tag Team Champions.


This WeekIn 1999

Nov. 29, 1999
Triple H interrupts Test and Stephanie McMahon's wedding, showing footage that he married Stephanie the night before.