World Tag Team Championships - The Hardy Boyz

October 23, 2000 - November 06, 2000

Edge & Christian had won the World Tag Team Championship as Los Conquistadores at No Mercy. E&C were also scheduled to face Los Conquistadores for the titles on RAW the next night. Christian never even made it to ringside, but Edge wasn't worried because he assumed they would be facing a couple of nobodys under masks. As the match progressed, Edge got more than he bargained for as Los Conquistadores hit the Twist of Fate and pinned Edge. After the match Los Conquistadores tore off their masks revealing that it was indeed the Hardy Boyz, making this their third World Tag Team Championship reign.


This WeekIn 1998

Nov. 30, 1998
Big Boss Man defeats Mankind in a Ladder Match on Raw to become the second Hardcore Champion.