World Tag Team Championships - Undertaker & Big Show

September 09, 1999 - September 20, 1999

Undertaker & Big Show got a rematch against the Rock N' Sock Connection on SmackDown! about a week after losing the World Tag Team Championship to them. Only this time, it was a Buried Alive Match. The two teams fought all over the Pepsi Arena in Albany, NY. While Undertaker and The Rock battled backstage, Big Show was trying desperately to bury Mankind. Triple H came from out of nowhere and took out The Rock before nailing Big Show with a sledgehammer. He then finished burying Mankind to give Big Show and Undertaker their second World Tag Team Championship.

This WeekIn 1990

April 1, 1990
Edge and Christian attend WrestleMania VI as fans to witness The Ultimate Warrior defeat Hulk Hogan for the WWE Championship in the main event.