World Tag Team Championships - The Smokin' Gunns

September 25, 1995 - February 15, 1996

After Owen Hart & Yokozuna were given back the World Tag Team Championship, they were given no time to enjoy the gold. In fact, they were immediately forced to defend the titles against The Smokin' Gunns. Hart & Yokozuna once again could not get their act together, as Yokozuna splashed Owen by accident, allowing The Smokin' Gunns to get the pin for their second World Tag Team Championship. They held the belts until February 15 when Billy Gunn injured his neck. As a result, The Smokin' Gunns were forced to forfeit the World Tag Team Championship.

This WeekIn 1985

April 20, 1985
The Hart Foundation, Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart, makes their WWE debut, and goes on to win the Tag Team Championship twice.