World Tag Team Championships - Strike Force

October 27, 1987 - March 27, 1988

Rick Martel used to team up with Tom Zenk to form the Can-Am Connection. After Tom Zenk left WWE, Martel was left without a partner, but Tito Santana didn't leave him by himself for too long, as they formed Strike Force. Strike Force took WWE by storm and quickly worked their way up the tag team ranks. Soon they found themselves with a title shot against the Hart Foundation on an edition of Superstars. Strike Force came from out of nowhere and defeated the champs when Martel made Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart submit to a Boston Crab. They would hold the belts until WrestleMania when they were shut down by the destructive Demolition.

This WeekIn 2000

May 29, 2000
Booker T transforms into G.I. Bro and defeats Mike Awesome in an Ambulance Match on Nitro.