World Tag Team Championships - Mankind & The Rock

September 20, 1999 - September 23, 1999

After being buried alive a couple of weeks back, Mankind and The Rock challenged Undertaker & Big Show for the World Tag Team Championship on an edition of RAW. The champs accepted the challenge, but said the match would take place under Dark Side Rules, which meant any of Undertaker's followers could interfere. Undertaker didn't even end up participating. Instead, Mideon and Viscera took his place alongside Big Show. Kane interfered during the match as well, but on behalf of the Rock N' Sock Connection. He took out Big Show, while The Rock was able to get the pin on Mideon for their second title reign.

This WeekIn 1995

April 30, 1995
Hunter Hearst Helmsley makes his WWE debut on Wrestling Challenge. He later morphs into Triple H, one of the greatest Superstars of all time.