World Tag Team Championships - The Hardy Boyz

September 24, 2000 - October 22, 2000

The Hardy Boyz challenged Edge & Christian for the World Tag Team Champioship at Unforgiven in a Steel Cage Match. The winner could be determined by pinfall, submission or by escaping the cage. However, both teammates had to escape the cage, and once one Superstar had exited the cage, he could not return. Jeff Hardy escapes early on, hoping Matt was right behind him. Jeff made several attempts to get back in, but each was thwarted by Edge and Christan. Lita also joined the brutality, which helped allow Jeff to finally get back in the cage. Once Christian had exited, Matt, Jeff and Edge began to scale the cage in attempts to get out. Matt and Jeff landed a double chair shot on Edge, causing him to fall back onto the apron as they exited the cage for their second World Tag Team Championship.