WCW World Championship - Vader

July 12, 1992 - August 02, 1992

Following the demise of client Lex Luger at Sting's hands, Harley Race brought in another protégé to challenge the WCW Champion: Vader. The war between Vader and Sting raged on for over a year, with their first big meeting coming at the 1992 Great American Bash.

Vader used his significant size advantage to pummel the smaller champion, even using his own Scorpion Deathlock against him. Sting valiantly fought back, but when he attempted a Stinger Splash, the challenger moved and Sting crashed into the steel ringpost. That left him easy prey for Vader's vicious powerbomb, and the beast from the Rocky Mountains made the cover to win his first WCW Championship.

This WeekIn 2004

April 18, 2004
Randy Orton successfully retains the Intercontinental Championship by defeating Cactus Jack in a brutal Hardcore Match at Backlash.