WCW World Championship - Randy Savage

November 26, 1995 - December 27, 1995

To fill the vacant WCW Championship, WCW organized the first-ever World War 3 Battle Royal to determine a new champion. The concept of the match was slightly different than most Battle Royals — 60 men would battle in three rings (20 in each), when half the field was eliminated, the remaining 30 would converge in one ring, and the last man standing would be declared the winner and new WCW World Champion.

 The bout ended in controversy as Hogan was pulled out under the bottom rope by The Giant. Technically, Hogan wasn't eliminated, but the referees determined he was out because they didn't see it. Savage then eliminated One Man Gang to be the last man in the ring, earning the victory and the gold.

This WeekIn 1999

Nov. 29, 1999
Triple H interrupts Test and Stephanie McMahon's wedding, showing footage that he married Stephanie the night before.