WCW World Championship - Hulk Hogan

July 17, 1994 - October 29, 1995

In early 1994, WCW scored a major coup when they signed arguably the greatest sports-entertainer of all-time: Hulk Hogan. However, while Hogan's entrance into WCW was a much ballyhooed affair, there was one man who didn't appreciate it: WCW Champion Ric Flair. A match was set up between the two men at Bash at the Beach in Orlando, and it was in fact Hogan's first WCW bout.

Flair and manager Sensational Sherri used every opportunity to cheat and deny Hogan the title, but with manager Jimmy Hart and NBA star Shaquille O'Neal in his corner, The Hulkster would not be denied. Late in the bout, Flair nailed the challenger with brass knuckles and went for the pin, but Hogan escaped and "Hulked Up" on the champion. Moments later, Hogan dropped Flair and nailed him with a legdrop to get the pin.

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May 27, 1996
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