United States Championship - Finlay

July 14, 2006 - September 01, 2006

Going into their battle on July 14, Finlay had beaten Bobby Lashley every time they met except for one. When he walked out of SmackDown that night, Finlay had another victory under his belt...and the United States Championship to go with it.

Late in the match, the referee was busy trying to clear a chair from the ring. Hornswoggle then popped up through the apron, tossing him a shillelagh. The fighting Irishman then clobbered Lashley with it and pinned him to pick up the victory and the gold. 

This WeekIn 2011

Nov. 20, 2011
The Rock wrestles his first match in more than seven years by teaming with John Cena to face R-Truth & The Miz at Survivor Series.