Intercontinental Championship - Jeff Hardy

September 03, 2007 - March 10, 2008

Jeff Hardy was the underdog on Raw in Columbus, Ohio, when he faced the 348-pound Umaga. Giving up almost 100 pounds to the champion, Hardy survived waves of attacks from the Samoan, escaping numerous pin attempts.

As Umaga climbed the top turnbuckle, Hardy threw himself into the ropes, causing the giant to lose balance and crash head-first into the mat. Hardy quickly covered Umaga, and the referee counted to three just as the stunned Samoan Bulldozer threw "The Rainbow-Haired Warrior" off his chest and outside the ring.

Hardy sat outside the ring floor stunned as the referee handed him the Intercontinental Championship for the fourth time. Umaga rampaged around ringside, throwing chairs and the ring steps in rage after the loss.

This WeekIn 2001

Aug. 20, 2001
Kurt Angle drives a milk truck into the arena on Raw and soaks The Alliance with milk in the ring.