Intercontinental Championship - Marty Jannetty

May 17, 1993 - June 06, 1993

Marty Jannetty will forever be linked to the career of Shawn Michaels. Competing as the Rockers, Jannetty and Michaels were one of the most admirable tag teams of their time. Then suddenly, HBK turned his back on Jannetty, opting to become a singles Superstar. The move turned out to be a fruitful one for Michaels, as he almost immediately claimed the Intercontinental Championship. HBK had few hiccups along the way. One of his only bumps was when his former partner, Jannetty, returned to WWE looking for revenge. Jannetty got his revenge on May 17, 1993, when he defeated Shawn Michaels for the coveted Intercontinental Championship.

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March 5, 2001
After Jerry Lawler departs WWE, Paul Heyman debuts as a color commentator on Raw. ECW files for bankruptcy one month later.