Intercontinental Championship - British Bulldog

August 29, 1992 - October 27, 1992

After defeating a friend in Roddy Piper, Bret Hart had to defend his title against not only a friend, but against a family member in the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith. Smith was Hart's brother-in-law as he had married Diana, Bret's sister. The two met in the Bulldog's backyard at Wembley Stadium in London, so Smith had an advantage before the match even began. To get the crowd even more behind him, Smith also brought British boxer Lennox Lewis to the ring with him. Both Superstars had their shots, but after 25 minutes of action, Smith was able to reverse a Sunset Flip for the pin in what is considered one of the best Intercontinental Championship matches in WWE history. After the match, the two shook hands and reunited the Hart family in the ring.

This WeekIn 1995

Dec. 18, 1995
Madusa returns to WCW and throws the WWE Women's Championship in the trash on Nitro.