Cruiserweight Championship - Billy Kidman

July 05, 2001 - July 30, 2001

Billy Kidman certainly made an impact his first night on WWE television. On an episode of SmackDown!, he faced Gregory Helms in a Cruiserweight Championship match. Helms came into WWE already carrying the WCW Cruiserweight Championship, so he was allowed to defend it on WWE television. WWE Light Heavyweight Champion X-Pac watched on from the back with heavy interest, as he realized the cruiserweights could soon become the biggest threats to his title as well. Helms went for the Vertebreaker, but Kidman reversed it and slammed his adversary face first into the canvas for the pin and the Cruiserweight Championship.

This WeekIn 2007

April 16, 2007
Picked out of the crowd by Mr. McMahon in Milan, Italy, Santino Marella shockingly pins Umaga to win the Intercontinental Championship on Raw.