Cruiserweight Championship - Billy Kidman

April 04, 2002 - April 21, 2002

Tajiri held the Cruiserweight Championship for nearly six months before Billy Kidman was able to make good on another attempt at regaining the title. Torrie Wilson, who was Tajiri's girlfriend at the time but had also dated Kidman in the past, played a major role in the title change. Tajiri had set up the Cruiserweight Championship on the apron to use at a later time as a weapon. Wilson moved the belt later on in fear that Kidman would be the one to use it. Tajiri was confused when he went to pick up the weapon, allowing Kidman to roll him up for the win. After the match Tajiri lashed out at Wilson, but they still walked out together. This was Kidman's sixth Cruiserweight Championship, which broke Rey Mysterio's previous record of five title reigns.


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