Cruiserweight Championship - Rey Mysterio

June 05, 2003 - September 25, 2003

Matt Hardy was going through some rough times. He felt he could take out Brock Lesnar and had challenged him to the WWE Championship. Lesnar proved Hardy wrong, and then a week later Hardy was defending his Cruiserweight Championship against Rey Mysterio. Mysterio had already held the title five times in WCW, but had not held it since it was introduced to WWE. Mysterio would change all of that one an edition of SmackDown! Mysterio countered the Twist of Fate with a rollup and picked up the win and his sixth Cruiserweight Championship. After the match, his son joined him in the ring for a celebration as SmackDown! went off the air. Mysterio proved it wasn't a fluke one week later when he defeated Hardy in a rematch.

This WeekIn 2010

Sept. 19, 2010
Daniel Bryan finally defeats longtime rival The Miz for the United States Championship at Night of Champions in Chicago.