Cruiserweight Championship - Jacqueline

May 06, 2004 - May 16, 2004

On an edition of SmackDown!, Chavo Guerrero challenged any cruiserweight that hadn't faced him before. He also said that he would put his Cruiserweight Championship on the line. With that, Jacquelyn came to the ring. Shockingly, she was able to pull off the upset as she pinned Guerrero for the title. It wasn't the first time a woman had held the Cruiserweight Championship, however, as both Madusa and Daffney had held it in WCW. Chavo would soon get his revenge, though.

This WeekIn 2002

April 21, 2002
Triple H clashes with Hulk Hogan over the Undisputed Championship at Backlash. The Hulkster is victorious to begin his final title reign in WWE.