Cruiserweight Championship - Spike Dudley

July 29, 2004 - December 12, 2004

Rey Mysterio put his Cruiserweight Championship on the line against Spike Dudley on an edition of SmackDown! Spike was able to pick up the win, but it was due largely in part to some outside interference from his brothers Bubba Ray and D-Von. Spike went on to hold the title for nearly five months, but was dethroned by one of the most unlikeliest of challengers - SmackDown!'s No. 1 announcer, Funaki.


This WeekIn 2000

Sept. 4, 2000
Kevin Nash retains the WCW Championship in WarGames 2000 on Nitro when Nash, Jeff Jarrett, The Steiner Brothers and Vince Russo defeat Sting, Goldberg, Booker T and Kronik.