Cruiserweight Championship - Juventud

October 09, 2005 - November 15, 2005

On the weekend of No Mercy, Juventud won a Cruiserweight Battle Royal on Velocity to earn a shot at Nunzio's Cruiserweight Championship at the pay-per-view. Coming into the match, Juventud had held the championship three times, but hadn't a shot to regain the gold since invading WWE with the Mexicools.

At No Mercy, Juventud cashed in and made the most of his first opportunity. With Psicosis & Super Crazy holding off Vito, Juventud hit his signature Juvy Driver on Nunzio for the three count and his fourth Cruiserweight Championship (his first in WWE). To punctuate the victory, Juventud and the Mexicools celebrated with Spanish announcer Hugo Savinovich, and addressed the crowd in Spanish before leaving on their Juan Deeres.

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