The Rock's 15 rare Raw moments

As one of the cornerstones of WWE's flagship, The Rock has had many memorable moments on Raw, including identifying John Cena as a bowl of Fruity Pebbles (WATCH) and his epic "This Is Your Life" party hosted by Mick Foley. These occasions have been established as some of the most iconic in not only The Rock's history, but also in all of WWE’s, and for good reason — there's not much better than a puzzled People's Champion staring down an enthusiastic Mankind and Yurple the Clown.

But The Brahma Bull had many electrifying moments on Raw during his original eight-year tenure as a WWE Superstar that mostly have been forgotten by even the most diehard sports-entertainment loyalists. WWE Classics cracked open “The People's Vault” to unearth 15 of The Rock's rarest, heart-pumping Raw moments featuring the nine-time World Champion at his finest.


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