The ring's forgotten big men

Loch Ness

From the Scottish Highlands to the rings of WCW, Loch Ness made a big impression when he debuted in 1996. Tipping the scales at a reported 679 pounds, the monster was part of Kevin Sullivan’s collection of oddities, The Dungeon of Doom.

Snarling at his foes with teeth that would make a dentist cringe, Loch Ness was truly a terrifying prospect for most average-sized wrestlers. He was the definition of an immovable object. Ness barely budged when opponents struck him, with foes bouncing off him like flies.

Loch Ness stormed into WCW by demolishing Jim Duggan and a squad of WCW’s lower-card goons, but was hell-bent on squashing Hulk Hogan. Unfortunately, his eagerness to bring down Hulkamania irked fellow Dungeon of Doomer The Giant, who defeated Loch Ness and sent him packing from WCW.