The fiery history of the Inferno Match

The Undertaker vs. Kane — Feb. 22, 1999

Nearly a year removed from the first Inferno Match at Unforgiven, the Brothers of Destruction faced off in a second Inferno Match. The bout occurred at the height of the animosity between Mr. McMahon’s Corporation and The Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness. Fueled by a personal vendetta against The Phenom, The Chairman ordered The Undertaker into an impromptu Inferno Mach against The Big Red Monster on the Feb. 22, 1999, episode of Monday Night Raw.

Once again, The Big Red Monster and The Phenom engaged in a struggle to set each other ablaze. Mr. McMahon watched from ringside as the flames burned more intensely with each impactful blow. But Kane was unable to best his half-brother in the contest specifically designed to give him an edge — The Undertaker was declared victorious after setting Kane’s foot on fire.