Kane's Most Demonic Deeds

1998: Kane Sets The Undertaker's Casket on Fire

It quickly became known that Kane had only one goal since arriving in WWE: the destruction of The Undertaker. The Devil’s Favorite Demon interrupted Monday Night Raw every week, steamrolling whoever happened to be in the ring at the particular moment, almost daring The Phenom to fight him.

Regardless of how much Kane and Bearer called for a battle, The Undertaker refused, believing family bonds should not be broken like this. The Big Red Monster pushed and pushed, but The Deadman would not waver. That changed after the 1998 Royal Rumble.

The Undertaker finally got his chance at the WWE Championship, taking on Shawn Michaels in a Casket Match. Once again, he was in position to win, with HBK in the coffin unconscious, until The New Age Outlaws and Los Boricuas attacked him. The WWE Universe was in shock when The Big Red Monster stalked to the ring and cleared out his brother’s assailants. Just when it looked like all was well between The Brothers of Destruction, Kane decked his sibling, then chokeslammed him into the casket, allowing Michaels to win.

The night didn’t end there, however. Bearer and Kane padlocked the coffin, trapping The Phenom inside. Kane pushed it up from ringside to the entrance set, where he hacked into it with an ax, and doused the casket in gasoline. Paul Bearer cackled in delight as he handed lit matches to The Big Red Monster, who tossed them into the accelerant-soaked casket, setting off a blaze that looked to be the end of The Undertaker. (WATCH)